Finance Mgmt - Who Are the Two Parties to This Potential Lease Transaction How Will These Alternative Decisions Impact the Company's Capital Structure and Its Balance Sheet

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1. Who are the two parties to this potential lease transaction?

2. How will these alternative decisions impact the company's Capital Structure and its balance sheet?

3. What discount rate should be used in this Net Present Value analysis? Why?

4. In the Purchase Decision, what are the cash flow impacts of the Bank Loan? (Please focus on the after tax cash flows.)

5. Construct a spreadsheet to calculate the payback period, internal rate of return, modified internal rate of return, and net present value of the proposed mine.

6. Based on your analysis, should the company open the mine?

7. If the cost of capital is 8%, which of the 3 projects should the ABC Company accept?

8. As a Statistician, advice what kind of Sampling schemes can we consider, and what factors will influence choice of scheme. What are the questions we should ask Mr. Namdeo, who works in the assembly line?


1. Suppose you are Mr.Keen Kumar, the new manager. What steps will you take for the growth of Cooking LPG Ltd.?

2. (a) As a financial consultant, advise the proprietor whether he should go for the extension of credit facilities.

3. (b) Also prepare cash budget for one year of operation of the firm, ignoring interest. The minimum desired cash balance & Rs. 30,000, which is also the amount the firm has on January 1. Borrowings are possible which are made at the beginning of a month and repaid at the end when cash is available.

4. As a finance analyst, prepare a report for submission to the CFO and the Board of Directors, explaining to them the feasibility of the new investment.

5. From the facts outlined above, what report would Neha submit to the Board of Directors of palco Ltd ?

6. Analyze the financial...