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Your First and Last Name: Richard Romero

Did you post the name of your article as stated in the instructions: YES

Title, Source, Length of your Video and what Module you got it from: Police Shootings of Unarmed Men Often Have Something in Common: The Waistband Defense


Module: Current Events

(If you selected an article) State the name of your article and author (if

available): Police Shootings of Unarmed Men Often Have Something In Common: The Waistband Defense

Chapter(s) your video or article coincides with: You must include ONLY the

chapters we are covering in Module 1, 2 and 3.

Topic of my video or article: (ex: obesity, drugs, education, etc.)

Current Telephone Number: 832-618-7214

1. In YOUR OWN WORDS, summarize in TWO PARAGRAPHS what your video or

article is about (beginning, middle and end). BE DETAILED and do NOT plagiarize

from the article itself. There must not be any commentary about the article;

include a detailed summary only. (I consider a paragraph to be 6-9 fully

developed sentences). (THIS QUESTION IS WORTH UP TO 5 POINTS)

Answer: In this article title “Police Shootings of Unarmed Men Often Have Something In Common: The Waistband Defense”. Recently having lots of occurrence’s which an unarmed person is either killed or severely injured by a police officer. Giving the police a excuse to take offense when witnessing the suspect reach around there waistband. Causing lots of compustion because of the recent shooting of Michael Brown. Which the police officer shot the unarmed teenager because he had resisted to be arrested. Which allowed the cop from being prosecuted of any charges that were given to him.

As well being cases where the police officer had the right intentions when approaching these suspects. That had prevented any harm that would have happen if police hadn’t done anything. Which confuses so many people on which side to support in these...