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As others have suggested, libraries are the place to go. If you are a student at a college or university, you can get online access to the full text of articles of all the journals the library subscribes to. Find out from the library website how to set up your online connection. Then you just search for the journal title (not the article title, but rather the journal title) in the library's online catalog, open the journal online in the catalog, and search for your individual desired article.

If you are not a student, then the library cannot give you online access. The problem is that the full text subscriptions are extremely expensive--sometimes $10,000 a year for a single journal--and the library buys subscriptions based on the number of likely users. They can't afford to go beyond their local faculty and students and let anybody on the Web use their resources.

BUT you can STILL get the full text, even if you are not a student, if you go physically into the library. There you can search on the library's computers, using the library catalog, find your journal, and open to the desired article. Then you can set up an arrangement to print out the articles you want. Usually you only pay the cost of the paper copy.

If you want scholarly articles, but not necessarily the most obscure ones, you can find the journals in some larger public libraries too. There, too, you can print out copies at the library, or, in some cases, if you simply become a member of the library, you can even access some journals and databases from home (but usually not as many as at a university library).

Talk to the person at the "Information" or "Reference" desk of the library. They are there to help you with exactly these sorts of questions. They can tell you all the specifics you need to know about how to do it at their particular library.