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Strength & Conditioning – Kenton Bachman

* Frequency: 2-3xwk

* Intensity: roughly 50-65% of a 1rep maximum

* Volume: 2-3 sets; 15-20reps; exercises performed in circuit format (from top to bottom)…unless otherwise noted

* Rest: move from one exercise to other with minimal break; ~3min between sets then restart back at top


1. Calf flexibility - static stretch (1-2reps, 30sec hold, 4-6xday…R>L); foam roller

2. Hip flexor flexibility - static stretch (1-2reps, 30sec hold, 1-2xday); foam roller

3. Hamstring flexibility - static stretch (1-2reps, 30sec hold, 1-2xday)

4. Thoracic mobility - foam roller

5. Hip Hinging practice - trunk erect, chest up, core "braced", slight bend at knee, hips go backward…may also practice with the "door knob squat"


1. Kettle bell swing

2. Squat - either a ball-to-wall 2legged squat, "air squat", or single leg (rear-foot elevated) squat

3. Rows - with cable, resistance band/tubing, TRX straps, bar, or 1arm w/ dumbbell

4. Forward lunges

5. Pushups - toes on ball hands on floor…progress to toes on floor hands on ball

6. Step ups

7. Band pull-aparts

8. Reverse hyper

9. Sidelying hip abduction

10. Core…descending pyramid sets (start at 5reps x 10sec holds, next set decrease to 4reps & continue to decrease reps by 1 per set until last set is 1rep of 10sec hold)

a. Front plank - forearms and toes, look down at hands clasped together, ankles together, body in straight line, squeeze quads and glutes, brace core

b. Bird dog - quadruped on all 4's, raise one arm & opposite leg, brace core, and keep flat back (imaging pitcher of water in small of back & don't spill)

c. Side bridge - sidelying, raise body up on forearm with elbow directly under shoulder, keep body in straight line, top arm resting on side of body w/ ankles together

d. Torsional buttress - quadruped on all 4's, knees slightly wider...