Crmj400 Criminology – All Discussions , Full Course Project and Midterm

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CRMJ400 Criminology – all discussions , full course project and midterm

CRMJ400 Criminology – all discussions , full course project and midterm

devry crmj400 week 1 discussion dq 1 & dq 2 discussion

dq 1

Thinking Like a criminologist (graded)

TCO#1 focuses on developing an understanding of criminology as a discipline, including its various theoretical perspective and historical developments. Over the years, three major theoretical approaches have emerged that current criminologists use to study crime. They are conflict theory, consensus theory, and interactionist theory. Let’s start our discussion by distinguishing among these three theoretical perspectives.

dq 2

Researching crime & describing crime rates(graded)

TCO#2 focuses on the various research methods criminologists use to study crime in order to understand and explain crime patterns and crime rates. To begin our discussion let’s focus on addressing the following question: if you want to know if males were more violent than females, what research method or methods (data collection method) would you use and why?

devry crmj400 week 2 discussion dq 1 & dq 2 discussion

dq 1

Blaming the victim? (graded)

Let’s start our discussion of victimology by addressing the following question. Does a person bear some of the responsibility for his or her victimization if the person maintains a lifestyle that contributes to the changes of becoming a victim? In other words, should we blame the victim? (Related to TCO#3.)


Just desert and deterrence (graded)

Classical Criminology and rational choice theory assume that individuals are rational beings who make choices about the kinds of behavior in which they will engage, including criminal behavior. This assumption raises several questions that are related to deterrence and crime prevention...