Bus 502 ( the External Factors That Impact Business ) Entire Class

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BUS 502 ( The External Factors That Impact Business ) Entire Class


BUS 502 ( The External Factors That Impact Business ) Entire Class

The Global Business Environment and Global Ethics

• Define the various forms of economic protectionism related to international trade.

• Identify the various organizations and agreements that govern international trade.

• Differentiate between global ethics, laws, and corporate social responsibility.

Market Research

• Differentiate between secondary and primary research.

• Identify the various forms of primary data collection.

• Design a market research study.

Environmental Scanning and Strategy Formulation

• Apply a SWOT analysis and Porter’s 5 Competitive Forces to analyze the internal and external environment of a business.

• Define Porter’s three generic strategies, the three Directional or Grand strategies, and the BCG Growth-Share Matrix.

• Identify various functional strategies that can be used to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Strategy Implementation and Controls

• List the stages of corporate development and the structure that characterizes each stage.

• Identify the principles and practices behind process reengineering and Total Quality Management.

• Design an action plan that meets the strategic direction.

• Assess performance based on various measurements.

Positioning, Product Development, and Pricing

• Apply a segmentation model to create a target market.

• Develop a positioning statement for a selected target market.

• Explain the product life cycle and the objectives and strategies for each stage.

• Identify the factors that affect a firm’s pricing decisions.

Distribution Channels, Promotion, and Consumer Behavior

• Describe the different types of organizations that work together in a supply chain.

• Compare the different methods of promotion.

• Analyze how...