Bam 315 Principles of Management Unit 1 Examination

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BAM 315 Principles of Management UNIT 1 Examination

BAM 315 Principles of Management UNIT 1 Examination

Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet)

1 A ________ is an example of a first-line manager.

A shift manager.

B division manager.

C store manager.

D regional manager.

2 Establishing strategies for achieving organizational goals is a part of the ________ function.

A coordinating.

B organizing.

C leading.

D planning.

3 Katz proposed that managers need ________ skills.

A human, empirical, and mechanical.

B technical, human, and conceptual.

C technical, human, and financial.

D technical, interpersonal, and legal.

4 Which of the following changes has resulted in the shifting of organizational boundaries?4.

A digitization.

B increased competitiveness.

C increased emphasis on organizational ethics.

D changing security threats


Managerial Basic Training (Scenario)Imagine that your marketing company has just merged with a manufacturing organization. You have been asked to help provide some “basic” managerial training to the engineers in the research and development unit of the new company. To ensure you are covering the important issues, your boss has asked to see an overview of materials that you will be providing the engineers.

5 The engineers have to be informed that, ________ are the people who direct the activities of others in an organization.

A line workers.

B directors.

C subordinates.

D managers.

6 Many of the engineers in the group are unclear about what managers actually do. Your training. materials should explain that a manager’s job focuses on ________.

A personal achievement.

B helping others accomplish their work goals.

C supervising groups rather than individual employees.

D performing clerical duties


The Customer Meeting (Scenario)Kelly, a production...