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Financial accounting provides the means of recording and reporting financial information in a business. Accounting plays a vital role as an information system for monitoring, problem solving and decision-making. This course provides the fundamentals of Financial Accounting and goes on to demonstrate how accounting fits into the overall business environment of an organization. In addition to this, Management Accounting systems, which have a strong internal focus can be effective tools in providing information that is useful in decision making at all levels in the organization. Management accountants play a strategic role in developing and providing both financial and non financial information that is critical to the success of an organization.


1) To understand the role of financial and management accounting system for a business entity.

2) To develop practical competencies with respect to preparation of financial statements

3) To provide a basic understanding of financial statements, their analysis and the utility of such an analysis in decision making.

4) To provide an understanding of fundamentals of management accounting, its procedures and its techniques.

EXPECTED LEARNING OUTCOMES: At the end of a module the learner will be expected to be able to:

1) Develop an understanding of accounting concepts, conventions, principles and procedures that govern how the financial statements are prepared

2) Appreciate the role that accounting plays in gathering, recording, reporting and analyzing financial Information

3) Prepare and provide a basic interpretation of financial statements

4) Make effective use of management accounting data for decision making.

5) Understand accounting fundamentals and develop skills by applying these fundamentals through practice sessions....