Understand an Entrepreneurial Mind-Set in Terms of Cognitions and Motivations – Survey and Analysis

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Understand an entrepreneurial mind-set in terms of cognitions and

Motivations – Survey and Analysis


With a sudden surge in the number of start-ups in India, it seems like the right time to test the waters and explore or create a new market or category. With funds pouring in and investors showing faith in new ideas, it seems that people are now willing to take a leap of faith. Thus, it becomes important to analyse and understand the reasons, which are driving Indians to take up entrepreneurship.

Albeit it is a complex context specific phenomenon that cannot be explained by one theory or paradigm. Hence, by combining different, but complementary, theories, we intend to analyse these topics and discover which factors promote or inhibit entrepreneurial activity and growth in different domains and contexts. In addition, we will analyse the data at four particular levels: the country, the industry and the individual entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship is gaining increasing respect from the scholars as a field of research as well as practical application worldwide as a means to achieve wealth creation and personal fulfilment. History has proven that with each economic downturn, it is the entrepreneurial drive and persistence that brings us back. Entrepreneurship is the capacity in an individual to innovate, to bear risks, to foresee the prospects of the project, confidence and competence to meet unforeseen and adverse conditions. The activities of entrepreneurs are crucial to the economic growth and prosperity of modern societies. Entrepreneurship is a mindset that assigns different values to resources and opportunities than does the general population and a mindset that encourages creativity and innovation, changing the game, and being unique.

Dweck (1999; 2000) developed two self-theories of intelligence by providing insight into the psychological (motivational) processes essential for achievement. She stated that individuals hold...