Hlt324 (All Weeks Discussions and Assignments) Full Course

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HLT324 (all weeks Discussions and Assignments) Full Course


HLT324 (all weeks Discussions and Assignments) Full Course

HLT324 week 1 dq 1 & dq 2

HLT324week 1 dq 1

Describe the concept of “variant characteristics of culture.” Which characteristics can change and which cannot? Is equality for variant cultures typically supported in the United States? Provide examples to support your statement.

HLT324 week 1 dq 2

How does cultural competency occur? What can one do to become culturally aware? Describe an effective approach to using The Purnell Model when working with subcultures (immigration status, gender, political beliefs, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, educational status, etc.).

HLT324 week 2 dq 1 & dq 2

HLT324 week 2 dq 1

From your readings, which cultural difference would be most challenging for you to understand? Why? How would you prepare to work with individuals from this culture in order to respect their culture?

HLT324 week 2 dq 2

If health care practitioners cannot communicate to the patients in their language, how important is it to find a translator? Whose problem is it, the health care provider’s or the patient’s? Why?

HLT324 week 3 dq 1 & dq 2

HLT324 week 3 dq 1

From the 10 select cultural groups you selected for the High-Risk Nutritional Practices assignment, briefly explain an unusual high-risk practice and how it impacts your role as a medical professional.

HLT324 week 3 dq 2

What factors influencing nutritional practices in the United States could be changed to improve health?

HLT324 week 4 dq 1 & dq 2

HLT324 week 4 dq 1

Describe the spectrum of death and dying rituals and practices. Why are death and dying rituals so significant?

HLT324 week 4 dq 2

What death and dying practices are contrary to your personal beliefs or chosen religious values? How will you...