Pad540 Assignments 2

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PAD540 Assignments 2

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Assignment 2: International Insecurity and the Use of Force

Due Week 6 and worth 200 points

Incorporate the professor’s feedback from Assignment 1 in order to proficiently develop Assignment 2.

Use scholarly journal articles and / or Strayer academic databases to complete additional research on your selected topic. Use the major international political event that you selected for Assignment 1 in order to complete this assignment.

Use the basic outline below to draft your paper. Organize your responses to each question (except Question 5) under the following section headings:

• Part II: International Insecurity and the Use of Force of [Name of Select Major International Event]

• The Media, the People, and Public Opinion (for Question 1)

• The Impact of Foreign Policies (for Question 2)

• International Insecurity (for Question 3)

• Use of Force (for Question 4)

Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you separate the content into sections:

Explain the fundamental manner in which transnational actors, interest groups, public opinion, and the media have influenced your chosen event. Provide relevant examples of such influence in action to support your response.

Discuss which foreign policies developed by the main participants have played a role in your chosen event. Evaluate the extent to which the policies in question impacted your chosen event. Provide examples of the impact to support your rationale.

Analyze the key role(s) that international insecurity played in the development of your chosen event. Provide a rationale for your response.

Analyze whether or not the use of force concept was used in your chosen event. Argue whether or not the use or non-use of force concept was justified. Provide examples where force was used to support your rationale.

Use at least three (3) additional quality references. Note: Wikipedia,...