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Chapter 1:

* You are your brain

* Your heartbeat, bodily functions, organs, movements, thoughts, moods, actions, reactions, interactions, personality, memories, health, spirituality, happiness, feelings, relationships, successes, energy, focus, creativity, failures, problem-solving skills, anxieties, diet, decisions, hurts and dreams are all dependent upon the moment by moment functioning of the three pound supercomputer housed within your skull

* Your brain is ridiculously complex

* Estimated to have more than one hundred billion neurons within it

* These neurons have trillions of supporting cells

* The brain is estimated to hold the equivalent of about six million years worth of the Wall Street Journal.

* Information travels through the brain at an impressive 268 miles per hour.

* Accounts for 2% of your body weight

* Burns nearly 30% of the calories consumed.

* Your brain is not fully developed until age 25

* For some males, full development does not occur until age 28

* The more effort you make in taking care of your brain and optimizing it now, the better your chances of achieving your goals and dreams.

* Your brain is Quite Fragile

* Your living brain has the same consistency as warm butter, an egg white, soft gelatin or soft.

* Brain Association

* Certain parts of your brain are associated with certain behaviors. When your brain is having trouble in a particular area, it is usually associated with specific problems, behaviors, and symptoms.

* Normal is not Normal

Chapter 2:

* The brain begins pruning itself early.

* Menaing you have the power to construct some incredible connections and pathways in your brain by learning while you are young.

* The brain develops from back to front.

* It starts with physical movements and coordination and ends with focus and forethought.

* The teenage brain is all drama.

* The deep...