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Culture is universal. Every nation has its own unique culture and language is the basis of it. Culture acts as a source of identity and the populace of a nation is identified by its culture and cultural attributes apart from other social, economic, and political manifestations. There are nations which are greatly infused with cultural diversity, and cultural assimilation itself contributes to the development of a unique culture in those nations. The United States a pluralistic society, is a country which should be considered as an embodiment of cultural diversity. It is a nation which has been built on the theory of cultural unification, in which people of color and the whites mingle with each other to sustain the cultural uniqueness for which the United States is known.

As a foreigner, stepping into the United States can be synonymous with experiencing cultural shock. People from conservative nations may find the liberal lifestyle of the Americans as shocking as it were. On the other hand, it is this cultural shock, which makes the newcomer entering into the mainstream American culture realize the importance of cultural diversity. Americans observe several cultural etiquettes, and food is an essential part of the American culture. Etiquette is the fundamental part of American identity, and in respect of eating and enjoying the food, Americans adhere to a specific routine of etiquette (Carracedo, 2016). Americans, adhering to their cultural ideology, prefer to see the guest asking for a food item while dining, rather than reaching across the table for something (Carracedo, 2016). This preference is an outcome of conventional cultural disposition which has been ingrained in the food culture of the United States. Moreover, outdoor dining is a favorite pastime of a myriad of Americans, and special occasions are usually celebrated by going out for a picnic (Angloinfo, n.d.). Americans relish in this to reveal their closely-knitted family bonding and their...