Acc 455 Entire Course (Ash)

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Acc 455 Entire Course (Ash)

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ACC455 Corporate Taxation Complete Class

Week 1

Individual Tax Return Position Paper

Suppose you have a concern about taking a particular position on a tax return.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that discusses the following:

What are the primary sources of tax law?

What are the secondary sources of tax law?

What is substantial authority?

What is the role of the courts and the Internal Revenue Service in interpreting and applying the sources of tax law?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Discussion Questions

DQ 1 What business entities are available for a new business? What are the tax and nontax advantages of each form? Select two business types and provide an example of when that selection is most appropriate from a tax perspective and from a nontax perspective.

DQ 2 Once a business has elected its tax status using check-the-box regulations, what options are available if it needs to change its tax status? What should a business consider before electing to change its tax status?

DQ 3 Do the following decisions have the same precedential value: (1) Tax Court regular decisions, (2) Tax Court memo decisions (3) decisions under the small cases procedure of the Tax Court? Why?

Week 2

Individual Week Two Problem Set

Complete the problems found in Ch. 2 of Prentice Hall’s Federal Taxation 2010: Corporations.

C:2-3 Black LLC

C:2-54 Bear Corporation

C:2-55 Wildcat Corporation

C:2-56 Tax Strategy for Wildcat Corporation

Read the scenario and respond to the questions.

Support your answers with calculations, as needed.

Show your work.

Submit your completed assignment as a Microsoft® Excel®, a Microsoft® Word, or a PDF document.

Learning Team Week Two Discussion Question

What are the requirements for the following deductions: U.S. production...