Functions of Management

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Major Contributions in the Field of Management

Frederick W. Taylor (1865-1912)

He is generally acknowledged as the Father of Scientific Management. His primary concern was to increase productivity through greater efficiency in production and increase productivity through greater efficiency in production and increased productivity through greater efficiency in production and increased pay for the workers, through the application of the scientific method.

-His principles emphasized using science, creating group harmony and cooperation, achieving maximum output and developing workers.

In his two books, Taylor explained the 4 basic principles of his management philosophy.

1. The development of a true science of management in order to determine the best method of doing each task.

2. The scientific selection of workers so that they would be most suited to the jobs assigned to them.

3. The scientific education and development of the workers in order to make them efficient.

4. The intimate, friendly cooperation between management and labor essential for increasing productivity.

Henry L. Gantt (1861-19190

He is known for his development of graphic methods of describing plans and making possible better managerial control. He stressed the importance of time and cost in planning, directing and controlling tasks. He is known for the development of Gantt chart which is particularly useful for project planning which indicates the starting and completion dates of a project.

Frank and Lilian Gilberth (1863-1924 and 1878-1972)

A husband and wife team who conducted studies on fatique and motion.

Frank is known primarily for his time and motion studies.

Lilian, an industrial psychologist focused on the human aspect of work and the understanding of workers personalities and needs.

Ergonomics -the study of people's efficiency in their working environment.

Time and Motion Study - method for establishing employee productivity standards in which...