Devising a Communication Plan

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Devising a communication plan


According to research, so many people do not pay attention to the importance of healthy breakfast. Some students in AIEN Institute often go to the classes without breakfast, or eat a sausage and soft drink on their way to school. These situations are not only appearing in Chinese colleges, but also happening in abroad school.

Fortunately, people had started to solve the problem 100 years ago. Kellogg’s founders established the “Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company” with their vision that great-tasting and better-for-you breakfast foods. (Kellogg’s 2015) They provided their productions in more than 100 countries now and created many classical brand like Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. It is really the leader of health and nutrition breakfast providers.

Kellogg’s has launched a campaign which named ‘Help give a child a breakfast’ in 2011. The purpose is that providing a healthy meal at the start of the day in safe a friendly environment and a great chance for children to communicate with others. They have established 500 breakfast club in schools across the UK from 1998. But this project has faced a new trouble that because of recent budget cuts by the UK government, many schools have no funding of their breakfast club. (Kellogg’s 2012)

This case study examines how to devise a plan to communicate the importance of breakfast to selected target audiences.


1. Political factor

The cutting budget by UK government which has really happened. The biggest cutting event occurred in 1950s. Education expenses was being decreased by 86% that UK government was warned by experts. (Shepherd 2011) Researcher which were employed by the Institute for Fiscal Studied (IFS) have got a conclusion that UK education expenses will fall by 14.4% in a period of 2010-11 to 2014-15. (Institute for Fiscal Studies 2011) Following these information, it is so easy to understand that the policy of running by UK government is too immoral to...