Exploring Healthcare Systems Internationally: Canada

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Exploring HealthCare Systems Internationally: Canada


Management of healthcare systems describes the leadership coupled with the overall administration of hospitals, networks, and information system paradigms. From an international viewpoint, it refers to the control of every level of healthcare charged with ensuring the delivery of specific outcomes and smooth operation of departments in health facilities. Healthcare administration further deals with recruiting apposite personnel for the right responsibilities to ensure the efficient and effective running of all departments working towards a unified goal. In this regard, Canada has focused on the provision of quality and affordable healthcare to all citizens. Characterized by policies that are fundamental to the consumers, Canada’s approach has received a global acclaim (OECD, 2016). It boasts of a comprehensive, accessible, and universal coverage termed as the single payer system. Given the rudiments of international healthcare management, comparing the Canadian health systems and that of the United States uncovers the aspects of governance, staffing, population problems, country ranking, strengths, and weaknesses of care. A robust literature review of Canada’s healthcare system would further offer an awareness fissure for recommendations to improve its health systems management.

Country Overview

Positioned in the northern side of North America, Canada is a country with three territories and ten provinces spreading from the Pacific to the Atlanta and northward to the Arctic Ocean. It sits on 9.98 million kilometers of land, what makes it the second largest country in the world by total square miles. Despite the vast area, Canada has a relatively smaller population with most of its lands being dominated by tundra, forests, and Rocky Mountains.

Key facts about the North American nation mention a constitutional monarchy government, 32.5 million people, capital city of...