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The different types of Goodwill customers are the early adopter, the late adopter, and then the critical mass and bargain hunter. The early adopter is the shopper that adopts trends early, and come to goodwill to find anything that will fit the current cultural fashion trends. The late adopter comes after the early adopters, and will come at the tail end of a trend. The critical mass is the bargain shopper looking for the most value. I think the most important of these shoppers for goodwill stores would be the bargain hunter, because as mentioned in the video, when the economy is good, business is slow in Goodwill stores; but true bargain shoppers will probably shop there year round, as they’re not interested in trends, but rather sustainable and valuable items at a discounted price.

I think the cultural factor has the strongest effect on customers’ purchasing decisions. People like to be part of the general culture, and don’t like being left out of trends. After the innovators start a trend, everyone else likes to jump on the bandwagon so as not to be left behind, so to speak. Whatever’s cool or “in” in culture (especially pop culture) and among one’s peers, will sell. Also, goodwill places items in its stores based on the culture of that neighborhood, which brings me to the next point.

In terms of it’s marketing mix, Goodwill focuses primarily on product, pricing and placement. By carefully examining their consumers, they understand where to place products that will sell based on the culture and the socioeconomic status of that area. As mentioned in the video, they place trendier, more stylish products in its Haight-Ashbury store, whereas they would place more traditional products in storefronts in conservative areas, like perhaps near suburbs. The Haight-Ashbury store might also cater to a younger demographic compared to conservative places. Along with product and placement, goodwill also focuses on the pricing and where they place the product. They...