Emotionally Focused Couples

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Emotionally Focused Couples




When people get married they look forward to having a marriage full of love, happiness, companionship, financial stability, intimacy, and having someone who will provide emotional support. But for some people that happiness goes out the door, when you married someone who has an unstable background it will cause problems. This is where couple’s therapy comes into play, it gives the couple a way to express their concerns about what is going on in their lives. This paper will focus on a video that is providing couples with therapy, and helping them to come to some kind of conclusion of what the clients need to do to become closer.

Emotionally Focused Couples

Emotionally focused therapy is known as (EFT), it is a forum of therapy that is a structured psychotherapy that works with individuals, couples, and families. This forum of therapy focuses on a person’s inner emotional state and unwanted experiences that a person in. There is a video called Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, which is based on a couple Patty and Josh, who has been married for about a year now, Patty has been married before and that marriage was one that was full of a lot pain and ended in a divorce. Even though Patty is now married again she has found herself reliving those ole emotions from her past marriage, which is now causing problems in her marriage with Josh. Patty finds herself shutting down every time her and Josh get into an argument and this is causing Josh to feel unwanted, alone, and begin pushed out the relationship but Patty. Many married people in America go through problems and they have to seek out help to find the source of the problem. Most of the time it’s emotional and people do not know how to deal with the issues. According to (Johnson & Greensburg, 1998), Emotions provides an important basis for human behavior. Emotions amplify the effects of motives on behavior; they orient us towards/away...