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Unit 3

A Cell is Like a City

Think of the cell as a microscopic city. Like a real city, it requires many services to keep it clean and running smoothly. Think of some of the services a real city needs: traffic control, waste disposal, and authority figures just to name a few. Like our imagined city, a cell needs the same services. Organelles are the “workers” that provide these services. Compare the list of cell structures below to the parts of a city and provide your reasoning in the 3rd column.

|Cell Part |City Analogy |Clues & Description |

|Cell body |“city” |Provides a location for the cell parts to live |

| | |and for many activities of working parts, |

| | |deliveries of products, and factories that make|

| | |products. |

|Cell membrane |Police Force |Controls what goes in and out of the cell. |

|Chromosomes |Families |Chromosomes contain DNA and genes and are |

| | |passed on from parent to child. |

|Cytoskeleton |Steel and Concrete |Structural support for the cell much like the |

| |...