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The Analyse of Weibo Marketing Under the Attention Economy


In recent years, the new media as a whole interactive media has become a new force in the field of China's media industry. Especially in the information age, the influence of the attention economy gradually expanded and the network media battle for attention and resources in particularly intense. The attention economy as a model of economic relations and business operations based on the production and distribution of attention resources. Weibo as the representative of the emerging social media aims to open up a new battlefield attention to obtain more resources and adequate attention. Based on the theory of attention economy, this paper trying to study the influence of Weibo and seek the law of development of the attention economy in the complicated information.

Media economy has three intrinsic qualities, the attention economy, influence economy and public opinion. Smythe(1951) came up with audience commodity theory which believed the main products of the commercial mass media is the audience's attention; McLuhan( 1967) pointed out that television stations had quietly rented our eyes and ears for business. Van der Leun and Mandel(1996) thought that "attention" is the hard currency of the Internet. Goldhaber(1997) pointed out that with the flow of information and attention resource has become a kind of valuable resources and that sort of resource that float in cyberspace is scarce, which is also the concept of ‘Attention Economy’ that formally put forward. He thought that the idea about information economy is inappropriate, because according to the theory of economics, the main topics of its research should be on how to use the scarce resources. Today's society is a society with rich even flooding information, and the emergence of the Internet has accelerated the process so that the information is not a kind of scarce resource. On the contrary, it is surplus. However, contrary to the...