Black Beauty

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Anna Sewell was born in Yarmouth, England in 1820. It took her nearly seven years to write Black Beauty, her only book.

The author learned to know and love horses when she was a young girl. Driving her father to and from the train station in a pony cart, she was able to observe both people and their horses. After a serious fall in which she was badly hurt, she could no longer ride.

Despite her pain, Anna Sewell was determined to complete her novel. She dictated much of the book to her mother, who wrote it all down when Anna was too weak to hold a pencil.

Black Beauty was published in 1877. Anna Sewell died a year later. The book was popular from the start. It called people’s attention to their often cruel and thoughtless treatment of animals and did much to improve conditions for all animals.


* Set during the Victorian Era (1837-1901) in England

* Town

* Countryside

* Birtwick Park

* Earlshall Park


Dolly Barker

Mrs. Polly Barker

Reuben Smith

Mr. Barry





Stable Grooms


Black Beauty

Mr. Thoroughgood


John & James

Joe Green


Jerry Barker

Nicholas Skinner

Lady Westland

Mr. York

Two Sisters

Miss Ellen

Squire Gordon

Farmer Grey



Sir Oliver

Merry legs



* Black Beauty- The narrator of the story, a handsome black horse. He begins his career as a carriage horse for a wealthy people but when he breaks his knees he is no longer considered presentable enough and is put too much harder work. He passes through the hands of a series of owners, some cruel, some kinds. He always tries his best to serve humans despite the circumstances.

* Duchess (“Pet”) - Black Beauty’s mother and who encourages Black Beauty to be good from a young age.

* Merry legs- A short, dappled grey, handsome pony who is polite to humans and horses alike. He is ridden by the...