To Clearly Know the Defect of Double Roll Crusher

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Roller crusher, also named as toothed roll crusher, is a kind of high-efficient and energy-conserving crusher, which can be widely used for industries like mining, cement and bricks. Materials to be processed by roller crusher are cement clinker, blast furnace slag, limestone, coal and other brittle materials. Roller crusher is used for tertiary crushing and gradually used for other industries.

For the milling system, roller crusher can improve the working capacity, output and decrease the energy consumption. Roller crusher, featured in the compact structure, light quality, small volume, small dust and low noise, can greatly improve the working environment.

But, this kind of crusher has a shortcoming that roller surface may be seriously worn out. If roller crusher is installed and used for more than half a year, wear-resistant decorative pattern of roller surface will be none. The wear of roller surface can always influence the superiority of double roll crusher.

As a result, service life of roller will be shortened. Cost for production and maintenance will be quite high. All these shortcomings always influence the working efficiency of smooth roll crusher. It is of key importance to optimize and design the structure of roller. To improve the working efficiency and service life of roller crusher, we have worked up with several ways to upgrade the rollers.

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