To Upgrade Linear Boards of Jaw Crusher Machine

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Jaw crusher machine, with remarkable features of high working efficiency, strong working capacity and long service life, is mainly used for coarse crushing in any kinds of crushing work. Linear boards are the key parts of jaw crusher. To improve the working efficiency of jaw crusher machine, we need to often upgrade the linear boards.

For the newly-type linear board, it is made of lining ontology, hollow bore to weight loss, blocker, stiffener, fixed block and lifting hole, etc. Under the situation that rigidity and strength meet the crushing demands, we smartly design the hollow hole for weight decrease at the back and keep the weight of linear boards changeless.

To improve the service life of linear boards, we thicken the movable jaw plates to 80mm and fixed jaw plates to 80mm. To avoid the linear boards from being loosened, we design the fixed blocks at the back. The fixed blocks corresponds to the blocks on movable jaws.

To decrease the labor strength and realize the safe crushing, we equip the jaw crusher machine with devices like handling holes and hydraulic adjusting device for discharging mouth. For the upgraded linear boards, they simplify the process to maintain and overhaul jaw crusher and solve the problems like easy looseness, short service life, low crushing efficiency and coarse discharging, etc.

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