Global Fragrance Future Horizons and Growth Strategies

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This report provides insightful analyses of the major competitors in the worldwide fragrance market, including their performance, capabilities, goals and strategies. The report contains information not available from any other source, such as sales force estimates by country.

The report is designed to provide the fragrance industry executives with strategically significant competitor information, analysis, and insight critical to the development and implementation of effective marketing and R&D programs. The reports major objectives include:

To establish a comprehensive, factual, annually-updated and cost-effective information based on performance, capabilities, goals and strategies of the world’s leading fragrance market companies.

To help current suppliers realistically assess their financial, marketing and technological capabilities vis-a-vis leading competitors.

To assist potential market entrants in evaluating prospective acquisitions and joint venture candidates.

To complement organizations internal competitor information gathering efforts by providing strategic analysis, data interpretation and insight.

To identify the least competitive market niches with significant growth potential.

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List of Tables

Firmenich Operations by Country Firmenich Fragrance Introductions Firmenich Sales and Operating Profit Growth Firmenich Sales by Geographic Region Firmenich Sales by Product Category

Givaudan Fragrance IntroductionsGivaudan Sales and Operating Profit GrowthGivaudan Sales by Product CategoryGivaudan Sales Growth by Product CategoryGivaudan Sales by Geographic Region/CountryGivaudan Sales Growth by Geographic Region/Country

T. Hasegawa Sales and Operating...