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Course: MIS-630A Student: Peimin Liu Sep.5

1.Managing The Data Resource: A Contingency Perspective

The first article I have read is “Managing The Data Resource: A Contingency Perspective”. This article gives an overall view of data management. The data management is not just a single system or program. It contains many elements and when these elements combined together people can design the best “product” to manage data. The article studies 20 completely different firms about their 31 different approaches of data management and explain these efforts in detail.

In general, there are four major elements of these patterns: Business Objective, Scope, Data Planning Process and “product”. And the article gives the detail of these four elements used by 20 firms. If a firm use only one simple way to manage data, it will face a huge amount of problems. So the article introduces three major data management patterns and other patterns used by these 20 firms. The most of these firms have functional scope and targeted planning for better managerial information or business need. And the article shows some advantages of these patterns especially “product”. At last, the article points out we should focus on some issues when we implement data management.

After reading this article, I know that there is no one certain way or pattern for every firms to have the best data management. Because different firms face different situation that the objective, finance or organizational scope of the firm is completely different from the other. If a firm uses the “product” based on the appropriate data planning and organizational scope, and it clearly knows its objective benefits in a long-term or a short-term. This “product” could be called the best “product” for the firm. Finally, there still some problems of data management should be solved in the future.

2.The Impact of Data Integration on the Costs and Benefits of Information Systems

A common company always has the...