Argument Against Capital Punishment

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Argument against the capital punishment


Thesis statement: capital punishment is a senseless, inhumane, ineffective act that disregards life and it should be stopped.

Point1: everyone have a right to live, even the guilty

Point 2: capital punishment does not deter crime

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary”capital punishment also known as death penalty refers to the punishment by death imparted to a person by the state or a legal framework for a capital crime (such as murder) committed.” Many countries throughout the world are in support of the death penalty as they believe that it will reduce the crime rate, however they are over 139 countries that have proven this belief false and have abolished this type of punishment. I stand with these countries in opposition of capital punishment since I believe that it is a senseless, inhumane, ineffective act that disregards life and it should be stopped.

I know that it is a fact that some crimes require severe punishment but I firmly believe that it is definitely wrong for the state or anyone else to say when and how someone should die. Since the state do not have the power to give life it certainly should not exercise the power to take life. I am convinced that life is a sacred gift and as such everyone have a right to live even the guilty. This point was supported by Richard Viguerie from the prolife movement in an article he published on------. He stated “"To me, life is sacred and I don't believe I have a right to terminate someone else's life either way (by abortion or capital punishment.)" His view was supported by many others in the prolife movement. They do not believe they have a right to play God. When countries practice this inhumane act of capital punishment they are encouraging disrespect and disregard for this precious gift of life which should be preserved.

It is also a fact that capital punishment does not deter crime; many persons over the past years have tried to prove the opposite but...