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Organizational BehaviorWednesday, 6:10pm-8:10pmChapter 1- Case Study1. In what way does Neeleman demonstrate an understanding of Organizational Behavior?Neeleman understands that if an employee is happy at the individual level, this happiness will extend over to the group level. Thus, in Neeleman’s case, Jet Blue has been able to remain union-free. Consequently, it has helped them maintain a sustainably low-cost price for their consumers. Another example showed that Neeleman also applies a more scientific approach when it comes to his ‘obsession’ to controlling costs. By only using one type of aircraft, he reduced the need to provide various trainings for every new employee. Lastly, employees are provided a beautified environment, each time, giving offthe results of the ‘Hawthorne Effect.’ Flight attendants contribute to the cleanup of the plane prior to landing, which reduces time in-between flights. 2. So what’s wrong with the pilot staying in the cockpit in terms of being a contributor to people-oriented business?

There is nothing wrong with the pilot remaining in the cockpit. Although he does not see the passengers, he maintains communication through the loud speaker, which assures customers that everything will be fine by relaying any vital information such as changes and/or concerns.3. How else might Neeleman make use of OB knowledge to improve the chances of Jet Blue Airlines staying successful?A suggestion would be to concentrate on group dynamics and changing members between groups. The results of measuring the increase or decrease in productivity can help acquire the most efficient group dynamics. A measuring method he may use is having everyone fill out a questionnaire about their personal interests outside of the work environment and grouping based on this criterion.