A Company Distributes Its Products by Trucks Loaded at Its Only Loading Station

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Quantitative Methods

1. It is said that management is equivalent to decision-making. Do you agree? Explain.

2. All quantitative techniques have hardly any real-life applications.” Do you agree with

the statement? Discuss.

3. A company manufactures 3 types of parts which use precious metals platinum and

gold. Due to storage of these precious metals, the government regulates the amount that

may be used per day. The relevant data with respect to supply, requirements and profits

are summarized in the table as follows: Daily allotment of platinum and gold are 160 gm

and 120 gm respectively. How should the company divide the supply of scare precious


4. Write a note on the economic interpretation of the dual.

5. A sales manager wishes to assign four sales territories to four sales persons. The sales

persons differ in their sales acumen and, consequently, the sales expected to be effected

in each territory are different for each sales person. The estimates of sales per month for

each sales person in each territory are given below:

Suggest optimal assignment of the four sales persons to various territories and the total

6. Give the various sequencing models that are available for solving sequencing

problems. Give suitable examples.

7. Explain the basic queuing process. State the meaning of queue discipline and give its

role in queuing problem.

8. Give the role of queuing theory in decision-making and discuss its application.

9. A company distributes its products by trucks loaded at its only loading station.

10. Explain the steps involved in solution to dynamic programming problems.