Managing Without Managers

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Journal Critique of

Managing without Managers

by: Ricardo Semler

In Managing without Managers, Ricardo Semler tells shares the three core values of his fastest growing company in Brazil. He says that he ensures democracy, profit sharing and transparency among all employees. It may be far from the traditional management scheme of most companies but Semco’s unique way to manage the organization has worked fluidly. A company without managers seems to be a great firm to work for. Imagine doing all the work without somebody constantly monitoring you or relentlessly pestering you to submit needed documents. Semco truly practices confidence and trust in their workforce, which boosts the determination and belief in oneself.

As I previously stated, there is no one paradigm to follow in managing an organization and it is with hard work, good luck and its three core values that made Semco a huge success. But, what perplexes me is the lack of hierarchy in the company. I wonder how this would work in the Philippine setting? Most Filipinos lack initiative, sincerity towards the company, passion and unfortunately, critical thinking. I am not generalizing but with my experience and most of those that I have encountered and witnessed, Filipinos tend to work just for the buck. Most of us work not because we love what we do but only because it’s the only choice we have. We choose jobs because that’s the only one we can get or because it pays the bills. Only a few are blessed to do something they love and earn much to sustain their lifestyle. Sad as it may seem but this is a reality to a huge percentage of people in our country. Hence, most companies emphasize on hierarchies. Employees need constant monitoring and supervision due to poor performance that can badly affect other things like compensation or sales volume. In my opinion, it would be difficult to practice democracy in our country. Even with the immense importance of integrity in every company, this is...