Managing Mutiple Projects

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Lund Institute of Economic Research

Working Paper Series

Management of Multi-projects

In a Process Oriented



Nikos Macheridis

Carl-Henrik Nilsson

Corresponding author: Dr. Carl-Henric Nilsson, Technology Management Centre, Lund

University, P.O. Box 7080 , SE-220 07 LUND, Sweden, Tele +46462223720, Fax +46462224437,


When projects are used as an organisational platform to conduct business, a project

can be the only project in the organisation or one amongst several others. The latter

case is called multi-project organisation. Usually an organization with a multi-project

environment has a base organisation, which can be functional, matrix structure or

another. The purpose of this article is to develop a model based on a process oriented

organization as a complement to functional or matrix organizational structures. The

article is written from a management point of view. Management of Multi-projects in

a process-oriented organisation is analysed from a strategic point of view as well as

from an operational point of view. Theoretical conclusions as well as practical

recommendations are presented.

Keywords: Multiproject, Processes, Managing Projects, Project Office, Systems


Jel-codes: M10, M20, L20, L22, L23

ISSN 1103-3010


1. Introduction

In a multi-project environment several projects can be performed at the same time

(Van Der Merwe, 1997; Fricke & Shenbar, 2000; Engwall, 2001:6; Nilsson, 2004;

etc). Multi-project organizations share some common characteristics (Eskerod, 1996;

Lee & Miller, 2004; etc). Projects are often not the primary organisational structure

but formed across a base organisation. In a multi-project environment the projects

share resources, such as personnel, facilities, infrastructure and top management, with

the base organisation and use the same administrative systems, communication

systems and control...