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Name: Nguyễn Thị Khánh Giang – Class: MBA 06

6/129. Three examples about halo effect I have observed personally:

Example 1: I find that some good-looking people create a halo effect in which their outstanding appearance dominates their performance capabilities. Attractive people often have an image of confidence and capability; however, maybe they just lie. If the individual doesn't have the ability to perform job functions, it doesn't matter how good he looks in the office. The company still suffers productivity issues because the halo effect affects both hiring and management decisions.

Example 2: Some job recruitment program is just designed for employing the high-energy staff, because the halo effect positions the individual as someone who tries hard, confident, excellent, always has the best intentions and cheer everybody in company up. But what will happen if his capabilities are opposite to manager’s thought with his lack skills or abilities necessary to carry out primary job functions and responsibilities.

Example 3: Sometimes, there is someone who is lack of competencies or has bad reputation for some reasons in a department or a team. Because of the halo effect, this department’s image can be dragged down

9/129. Two real examples of the Pygmalion effect

Example 1: When I was in my high school, I was not so good at Chemistry. However, I was quite good at other scientific subjects such as Math, Physics; and my Chemistry teacher who did not know me before and just thought that I am an excellent student in science thanks to my reputation before. So, he put his high expectation in me, he hoped me also work well on Chemistry. I tried very hard to meet his requirements, and he also design some lecture to train the students like me to meet his goals.

Example 2: Each manager has his own expectations of the employees under his control, maybe low or high. If a manager believes all of his employees are capable of contributing to the company in a positive...