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Managing and Organizations

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

3:11 PM

• Management, Managing and Managers

1. Management --- is the process of communicating, coordinating, and accomplishing

action in the pursuit of organizational objectives while managing relationships with

stakeholders, technologies, and other artifacts, both within as well as between


2. Managing

i) Is an active, relational practice which involves doing things. The things that managers

do are supposed to contribute to the achievement of the organization's formal goals.

ii) Refers to the things we do and say as managers:

---- handling, directing, controlling, exercising skill in executive ability

---- the acts done by a person (manager) in charge of controlling and directing the

affairs of a business, institution, or agency

3. Managers

i) Are middletons: they intercede between executive authority, howsoever lodged, and

those whose task it is to execute it

ii) Discharges the functions of managing (planning, controlling, coordinating and


iii) Is rational in that he/she systematically applies techniques that seek to achieve goals

• Organizations

1. Are systematically arranged frameworks relating people, things, knowledge and

technologies, in a design intended to achieve specific goals

2. Characteristics of Rational Organizations

i) Purpose, objectives, and goals

ii) Sites of action, practice and experience

iii) Structural design, formal roles, and responsibilities

iv) Change is normal

v) Rules are both explicit and implicit

3. Organizational

i) Refers to layers of communication, coordination and control

Week 1 Lecture Note Page 1

i) Refers to layers of communication, coordination and control

ii) Is top-down and centralized power

iii) In many contemporary organizations is weakening due to need for adaptable, flexible

organizational forms in an age of increasing uncertainty

4. Organizations are huge repositories of Rules