Management Challenges

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Management Challenges Facing PWD

People with Disabilities (PWD) is an organization that stands up for the rights of disabled individuals, especially disabled children. PWD was founded nearly half a century ago by a group of volunteers but is now a multimillion dollar non-for-profit organization with over 45 paid staff members. There are several flaws in PWD’s management style including a poor organizational design, lack of Human Resources Management, and issues with overall group dynamics. This essay will describe the components of each issue and present solutions that could potentially resolve such challenges.

Organizational design is the designated formal structure of the organization as a system of roles, responsibilities, and decision-making (Clegg et al. 2011). After only a few weeks on the job, Peter (hired as an Administration Manager) notices that there are very few organizational systems in place. PWD has no specific explanation of any administrative roles, no centralization of information, and does not back up any data. There is also a problem with some managers and team leaders secretly creating their own forms and policies without permission from administration (Straver, 2016). These issues contribute to PWD’s organizational design flaw because it shows their lack of rationale. To be rational as relating to management is to apply various systematic techniques to achieve a given goal (Clegg et al. 2011). Each organization is different, but as outlined in the textbook every rational organization should have similar characteristics. These characteristics include (but are not limited to); (1) having an organizational design shaped by actions and expressed through routine practices and specific structure and (2) having responsibilities specifically defined for roles and actions which can be revised as experience and future actions unfold (Clegg et al. 2011). Other organizational design flaws at PWD include using outdated software systems, improper...