Flannery O'Connor

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Flora, Joseph M. "Desire, Faith, And Flannery O'connor." The Mississippi Quarterly 2 (2014): 327. Literature Resource Center. Web. 3 May 2016.

Angela O’Donnell’s short biography discusses Flannery O’Connor, and how she wrote to inspire Catholics of the twenty-first century. O’Donnell includes that O’Connor was first living with her father until he died of lupus, then she moved to Georgia with her mother. After moving to Georgia she then started writing her fiction. O’connor did not want her text did not want her text to focus on general nor academic audience, neither for the human eyes but for her own. O’Donnell also includes that O’cconnor was the member of the writers workshop at university of Iowa. After O’connor arrived to Iowa she hope to write enduring fiction, that could be compared to that of the gifted modernist she had been reading. This reading also discusses how O’Connor was not into the prayer of the mass that she could easily recite. So she then decided to come up with a prayer journal for her own exploration of the nature of prayer. While O’Connor introduces the prayer journal to the world she is not meaning to confuse the physical with the spiritual. Her college experience shaped her practice for the writings of her prayers from her excitement and challenges.

This article help me as a reader of Flannery O’Connor’s work to discover why she actually wrote her prayer journal. It was very significant to her because she did not like the ideal way her religion presented their prayers. I admire O’Connor for her writings, because she was not pressured of what people would say about her stepping out of the box and doing what her religion was not use of. If I was writing an essay of Flannery O’Connor and her works this article would help me out when including her reason for writing the prayer journal, and the prayers she included in it.