I Am a Chakra Yogi Level 3: an Upcoming 2-Day Workshop by Neeta Singhal

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Chakra yog

I Am A Chakra Yogi Level 3: An Upcoming 2-Day

Workshop by Neeta Singhal

About Chakra Yogi Level 3 Workshops:

Self-realization is for you and it is possible even in this lifestyle where you need to balance your

personal and professional commitments. Self-realization brings you optimum health, awakened

mental state and takes you to the top in everything that you are meant to do. Self realisation

happens when you reach the state of extreme purity which is Shiva. Go deeper within the lessons of

the Seven chakras and the mystical 8th Chakra which is the Hrit Padma. Balance your inner and

outer world as you learn to handle all that is presented to you by the consciousness. Know the

Secrets of Kundalini and Shree Yantra Sadhana to rise to your true potential.

About Panchgani Resort:

In the pristine environment of Panchgani Resort, you will go deeper to savor the nectar of Self

Realization. Join us in a getaway hill resort for a weekend of spiritual bliss.

In this Workshop:

Balance the front and back chakras

Destruction of egos

Go beyond the Chakras

Develop Self-belief to become a Creator

Realization of Sat Cit Ananda

Chakra yog


 Cleansing meditations by Neeta Singhal

 Rudra Abhishek & Homa

 Connect to Nature Activities

Date of Workshop:

15th to 17th Oct, 2016

 It’s a Two days event.

 It is requested to arrive 15 minutes prior to the workshop.

Program Ouline:

Departure from Mumbai: 15th October (saturday) at 6.00 am

Arrival at Panchgani: 15th October (saturday) at 11.00 am

Departure from Panchgani: 17th October (Monday) at 5.00 am

Arrival at Mumbai: 17th October (Monday) at 10.00 am

For more details visit: http://www.chakrayog.com/web/Mumbai-Workshop.aspx


Panchgani hill resort

Chakra yog

Course Fee:

Rs. 9500/ Early bird discounted amount Rs. 8000/- (Till 15th September)

 Includes: Stay in Resort, Food, Bus transport (all inclusive)

For registration,...