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1. Assessment task title: "Capturing Attention" Presentation Proposal Due date: 20 September (week 9)

Details of task: This is a group project.

You are working for a public relations agency and there are five new projects relating to: a fashion personality, a television star, a fashion label, a new social media, new fashion product. In groups of not more than 4 members, pick ONE and study the case background (available on Moodle in Week 3) and develop an idea and a strategy to promote it. On the due date (Week 9 in class), your group will pitch the ideas to your fellow classmates and lecturers who will judge whether you have been able to capture their attention, and in a way that benefits the client.

Part A (10%) For the presentation, form a group of 3-4 members. Each group will have 10 minutes to present their ideas and 5 minutes for questions from the floor. Submit your file (one file per group) on Moodle after class.

Part B (20%) Choose two of the public relations writing options in the case background. Be sure to use the appropriate prescribed formats and deliver consistent messages to the target audiences. Each write-up values 10%. Do not submit two separate files. Combine and submit one file (with your name in the file name) on Moodle after the presentation.

Release dates: N/A

Word limit: 1000 words (Maximum)

Value: 30%

APG5018 Celebrity, fashion, publicity - Semester 2 - 2016


Value: 30%

Presentation requirements: The use of presentation aids, e.g. PowerPoint, Vimeo and Prezi is allowed. Any video material played during student presentations will be included in the total time allocation. Group presentation file should be submitted on Moodle after class. Details will be further discussed in class. This exercise is a test of your conceptual understanding and how publicity could work, not your graphic or design skills. There is no extra marks for higher productions, although we appreciate your skill and effort.

The two public relations...