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Strategic Management

Strategic Management

1. Business Background

Q80 PE is a leading producer of grades of polyethylene based in Kuwait, with Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) being its prime grade. LLDPE is used in packaging, particularly for producing bags and sheets. It contributes to the business of PE sales and is considered one of the primary pillars, carrying with it more than 31% of the business.

Q80 PE is the sole producer of LLDPE in the Kuwaiti market and contributes to the state GDP. The business targets local plastic manufacturers as well as MENA and East Asia plastic producers. The table depicts the rise in the sales volume of LLDPE in the recent past.

2. Customer Target/Needs

The customers for LLDPE vary across the globe, with a majority of them being in the MENA and East Asia regions. Q80 PE aims to meet the customers’ needs and objectives by providing the best quality of LLDPE at a reasonable price. A premium atop the market price has been set depending on the demand. It has been observed that the demand for LLDPE is much higher than the current supply. Customers expect more of the high quality product and the business has been unable to provide it.

With a focus on enhancing production of LLDPE for its existing customer base as well as to potential customers in future, the business’s quality attributes are tracked on a regular basis. This is done via internal KPI’s and customer feedback and is used to enhance their development.

The customers need a quality product promised to them, delivered in an effective manner with an efficient and dependable service. The management of Q80 PE strives to meet the expectations and objectives of their customers.

3. Current and Desired Positioning

Positioning Statement: “For LLDPE, Q80 PE is the brand and excellence you seek among all polyethylene producers. Unlike others, Q80 PE provides a combination of quality, price and value through the use of the patented...