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Peak Inc.

Project Management Plan

AfricaWorking market entry prioritization and rollout strategy


Peak Inc.

P. O box27

Nairobi, 00001



This document outlines the requirements of the proposed Systems to be implemented in Africa Working. It majorly describes the different features, functionality, software and hardware requirements of the various systems. The systems to be implemented are not rigid, they can always be changed to suit the needs of Africa Working.

The client

Africa Working is an international nonprofit consortium of companies, dedicated to enabling the creation of large numbers of employable and entrepreneurial people across Africa over the next several years. AfricaWorking was originally conceived by Microsoft’s 4Afrika Initiative in consultation with a number of other companies during 2015 with support from Emerging World.  Since then, the group of companies has grown and worked together to identify collaborative ways to drive growth in Africa through human capital development, focusing specifically on employability and entrepreneurship.  AfricaWorking member companies contribute their existing programs, products, services, and experience; utilizing initially two AfricaWorking Engines that are already in place on the continent to:

* pool knowledge and resources

* speak with a collective voice on associated issues that matter

* develop the best human capital for member companies and their supply chain or ecosystem

Emerging World serves as Secretariat and coordinating partner for AfricaWorking providing management and advisory coordination, increasing collective action and providing opportunities for sharing experience and measuring impact.  

The brief

Peak Inc. is IT Company with experienced experts in Information Technology. The company is to provide a proposal on Systems to be implemented by Africa working as well as a market entry prioritization and rollout strategy...