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Dante Bermejo

Professor Scalibrino

English 102

1 October 2015

Response writing #2

The most common drug that has been legalized in quite some states would be marijuana, but the thought of having all drugs legalized in the U.S. for recreational use can be troubling, confusing, and disturbing. The only drug that should be decriminalized is marijuana, not just because it is popular, but because the drug can be used medicinally. The herb is prescribed by Doctors for patients who experience pain from cancer, nerve pain, headaches, and other diseases. Among all of the drugs, Marijuana appears to be the softest of drugs. It’s less likely for the drug to kill anyone who uses it recreationally or medicinally therefore it should be legalized. The hardcore drugs: cocaine, ecstasy, meth, and heroin are more life threatening. Die-hard drugs should not be legalized for recreational or medicinal purposes. Having dangerous narcotics legalized would cause people to become addicted, to consume them with no medicinal purpose, and to overdose from such unlawful drugs.

However, if people violate the law, and take illegal drugs they should be fined a certain amount of money depending on what kind of narcotic it is. Individuals who abuse any type of drug and are caught with them should be fined. The individuals who are caught should be fined depending on age, and how much of the substance is taken. For example, an adult who is taking a high dosage of narcotics should at least pay a hundred dollar fine. However, if the adult takes a smaller dosage the fine should be reduced to around fifty dollars. Minors taking a high dosage should be fined fifty dollars. However, minors receiving smaller dosages should be fined around thirty dollars. Minors and adults acquiring illegal drugs must pay for the consequences of their actions.

Living in a free society does not entitle people to do whatever they want. Without the...