Army Rbi Responsibility

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Firsthand experience RBI

Defined in my own words as a bond of duty, a task(s) that a person would solely hold in their daily activities, or, in the extreme, an obligation to a mission. The concept of responsibility in regard to the Army would include but is not limited to the care and training of junior soldiers thus the terminology of “Change of Responsibility” when referring to a new 1SG taking responsibility of a unit. Junior and senior leadership are constantly reminded of responsibilities over the course of their duties to engrain them into them as well as junior soldiers and those with the possible capacity to be a leader in today’s Army. Why I am discussing responsibility will be explained in the following pages as to paint a picture for you as best I can to enlighten the reader. As of recently I have failed my squad leader to meet a deadline. This task was to complete de-mobilization packets for my soldier and myself for our return home. Although confusing, I was able to complete the packet to the best of my abilities but I was unable to get it to my squad leader in time.

A topic to first discuss will be to correctly understand the parameters concerning receiving a task to be completed. At first when hearing of this task I thought to myself, “this is easy”, “I can get this done quickly and painlessly”, but to my dismay it was not. I was notified that the task was to be completed and handed in by the 12th so that it can be past to platoon leadership.

Secondly it could be noted that