Slave Labor in Brazil

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Slave labor in Brazil:

The Conditions of The Rural Migrants

Anthropology 1

Slave labor still remains largely a rural development in Brazil, where it still occurs on cattle farms, sugar cane lands and charcoal farms in far areas. But it has been growing more recently in the material and clothing industry as well. The shift to urban areas has made it difficult to fight for rural workers in Brazil. For my group project, my group members and I chose to focus on the current issue of Slave Labor in Brazil. In this essay, I am going to explain my contribution to the group project using analysis from the course to explain the conditions of slave labor in Brazil, to explain how the information I will provide would help suggest some solutions, and to also explain one cited internet source that I have found unreliable, applying all five steps in the Berkeley guide and why.

In my group project, we divided the work evenly based on what was required for the presentation. Out of the four requirements - clearly presented description and data, analysis, applied anthropology, and present two or three key terms from presentation - I was required to fill out an analysis on the issue of Slave labor in Brazil. For the analysis, we are required to use at least 5-8 concepts from the course to help explain and analyze our topic. I have decided to discuss the condition perceptions of the slave labor in Brazil. My Group and I also created a poster, so that everyone could get started on their work for the presentation. To add in to the poster, all group members can view the work and actions of other member’s and add their own contributions in the discussion page on “MyEtudes”. I have also been to the majority of the in-class group meetings and the group discussion page, which includes choosing the official group topic. I would say that I would have been responsible for about 17% of the work for the final group project.

In Brazil, present issue of modern day rural slavery, from all...