Mannitol Market 2016 Share, Trends and Forecast Up to 2024

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Mannitol is known as mannite or manna sugar, which is white, odorless and sweet tasting powder. Mannitol is non-cariogenic i.e.

preventing development of tooth decay and has a low calorie content. Mannitol is also known as polyol (sugar alcohol) that is

derived from a sugar known as mannose by reduction and is a naturally occurring alcohol found in fruits and vegetables.

Mannitol is less absorbed by the body, hence it does not increase the insulin level of the body as compared to sugar. Mannitol is

mostly used in the food and pharmaceuticals industries because of its unique functional properties. Mannitol is used for diuresis

in the treatment and reduction of urine production due to the kidney failure. It is also used in to increase the elimination of

toxins from the body and to reduce the intracranial pressure (pressure inside the skull) and also pressure in the eye. Mannitol is

an isomer of sorbitol having same chemical formula and molecular weight and is produced by treating with hydrogen of

specialty glucose syrups.

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Global Mannitol: Market Segmentation

The global mannitol market is segmented on the basis of form type, application and region. The mannitol market is segmented

on the basis of form type mainly into powder and granular form....