Technological Development

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“Technological Development has a positive rather than a negative impact on society.” Discuss.

The advancement of technology in the recent years has led to remarkable changes in the dynamics of our society, resulting in both a positive and negative impact. Technological development is referring to the improvement in knowledge on a variety of areas. As technology is not widely accessible in less developed countries, society in this case would only refer to developed countries. The following essay will discuss the positive and negative impact that technological advancement has on developed nations. The two main aspects of technology that will be focused on are medical science and the cyber net, which are controversial topics that provide both positive and negative impacts.

Medical science is an area that has progressed rapidly due to technological development. Because of the availability and improvement of medical equipment and scientific machinery, scientists and researchers are able to study on more complicated illnesses and delve into the complexity of the human body. For example, the Human Genome Project, which was an international scientific research project, successfully determined 99.9% of the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up the human DNA. Such detailed knowledge of the human genome provides new avenues for advances in medicine and biotechnology. This too can expose new data to disease surveillance and the human development. Our society definitely benefits from this with new information being obtained from these researches that can potentially improve our knowledge on medical science.

However, while medical science brings about the positive impact on our society, it raises ethical and social issues upon which we should not ignore. With the technology that is now available, many scientists have explored into the subject of ‘designer babies’ such that parents are able to decide on the colour of an infant’s hair, eyes or even the gender of...