Mgd’s and Targets for South Africa

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Assignment 1:

Case study 1: Bhutan and Gross National Happiness

MGD’s and Targets for South Africa:

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Goal 1: Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Preserving the environment and forcing South Africa to recognize that only through sustaining the

environment, will we actually be able to contribute towards improving the well-being of so many

lives. In fact, all other goals would be useless if the land is so damaged that people cannot live

there. Addressing the basic needs and rights of human beings is in effect useless if the land cannot

first and foremost sustain its occupants.

 Target 1: Integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and

programmes and reverse the loss of environmental resources.

 Target 2: Reduce biodiversity loss, achieving, by 2020, a significant reduction in the rate of


 Target 3: Halve, by 2020, the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe

drinking water and basic sanitation.

 Target 4: By 2020, achieved a significant improvement in the lives of at least 60% of South

Africa’s rural population.

Goal 2: Alleviating poverty and hunger in South Africa

Land degradation and the loss of biodiversity affect impoverished people most, as they often depend

directly on natural resources (for firewood, food and building material). When environmental

degradation destroys opportunities for development in one area, those who have the financial

means to do so can still move on to greener pastures. Being less fortunate means having nowhere

better to go.

Target 5: By 2020, have strict laws implemented protecting environmental quality and

safety, and ensure all impoverished people have access and awareness to the law and when

their right to a healthy environment is violated.

Target 6: By 2020, have strict laws to protect the soil and increase its fertility, remove alien

invasive plants and re-establish indigenous vegetation, we thus help people to...