Business Research Methodology - in a Free Enterprise Society All Adults Should Be Allowed to Make Their Own Decisions About How They Choose to Earn Their Living.Discuss the Statement in Light of the Lily Case.

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Business Research Methodology


CASE 01: Sintex Industries Limited: Grooming with Increased Demand of Plastic

1. Discuss various stages of the research to launch this research programme

2. Define the research problem

3. Discuss the type of the research design used for this research programme

4. What will be the nature of data for ascertaining consumer attitude?

5. Discuss the scaling techniques used to measure the consumer attitude, and justify your selection of a particular scaling technique.

CASE 02: Air Conditioner Industry in India: Systematic Replacement of the Unorganized Sector by the Organized Sector.


1. What will be your sampling frame, appropriate sampling techniques, sample size, and sampling process?

2. Will you be using probability sampling technique or nonprobability sampling technique and why?

3. What will be your plans to control sampling and non -sampling errors to obtain an accurate result?

CASE 03:  Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. Ltd:  An Independent Economic Think Tank.   

Let us consider you as an owner of a marketing research firm and assume that a multinational company firm has contacted you to prepare a detailed report on the consumer electronics market in India.  The report must be prepared in light of the market share for various companies of consumer electronics, future demand for different products of consumer electronics, profit after tax, and various other financial parameters of different companies, compete industry analysis, demographics of rural and urban market, government policies, and various other economic parameters (national income, per person income, growth rate, Gross Domestic Production (GDP), and so on), Use  CMIE products and other available secondary data sources to prepare the required report on the consumer electronics industry in India.  The report must be prepared...