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Tamika DeWese


September 21, 2016

Karla Carlson

Case 14: Zero Tolerance

The highlight of Case 14, Tolerance Test for Rancho was its magnolia tree, streets and victorian houses. Being able to restore old houses and preserving the charm of the community was what single families did. The town was known as littleton to tourist and locals who traveled to shop in the novelty shops and antique malls. Many of the people who live in Carterville were church going folks and stay-at-home moms. Families found a way to balance their monthly budget, by creating home base businesses to provide the additional income.

After reading Case 14, a lot of informations from the highlights of this case brings memories. Growing up as a child I live in a small town name Citra, Florida. It was not as fancy as Rancho, however old houses were preserved. That was our way of saving money, not so much fixing up the community. Having a home base business is always a blessing to bring in additional income. I currently work from home now part-time and it makes a big difference with our monthly expenses.

As an Administrator in charge, the information I use to make a decision will be to form a committee. After a committee, we will have a meeting with the superintendent about the zero-tolerance policy. I do understand as principals we have a lot to do and meeting to attend, but with something this important that will impact our school; I would have had to attend the committee meeting for final approval.

The major players in this case would be the Principal of Rancho Elementary, Ms. Idleman who was appointed a 5th grade teacher. Ms Idleman just completed a program that qualifies her to become an administrator one day, also known as a leader teacher at the school. Ms. Boxer, the administrative assistant who works close with the Principal, and Becky Skutter who brought a handgun to school while presenting her report to the class.

Solution to the case is to go forward...