Human Behavior Organization

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Table of Contents

I. Personality

II. Individual

III. Group

IV. Organization

V. Organizational Diagnosis

VI. Team Work

VII. Cultural Diversity

VIII. Organizing Process

IX. Leadership in Organizations

X. Creating on Organization’s Future


Personality refers to the way in which a person views and understands himself, and the way in which he interacts with people and reacts to situations. Self-concept refers to the attempts made by people to understand themselves. The physical characteristics of a person are purely hereditary, but the psychological characteristics of a person are partly hereditary and partly conditioned by the environment.

Personality Determinants:

Heredity – The biological, physiological or psychological characteristics that an individual is born with constitute heredity. According to the heredity approach to personality, an individual’s personality is determined by the type of genes he inherits from his parents.

Environment – According to the environment approach, the environment that an individual is exposed to plays a major role in shaping his personality. Environmental factors include the culture of the society in which an individual is brought up, the norms set by the parents, teachers and other social groups with which the individual interacts, and other situations and experiences he undergoes in his life.

Situation – Apart from heredity and environment, the situation in which an individual is can also influence his personality. An individual’s personality may not change entirely with a particular situation. However, different situations bring out different aspects of an individual’s personality. Hence, a person’s personality cannot be judged by observing his behavior in any one particular situation.


I learned in this topic the meaning of personality which a person views and understands himself. Personality have three determinants...