Tui Module 2 Business Ethics

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Business Ethics

David Spencer Shain Jr

TUI University

Case – Module 2

For many years now we have used email for our communication with others, be it for business or personal in nature. I the beginning it was not a big issue as to whether emails were personal or official business.

Being a full-time National Guard soldier we used email to communicate memorandums and other documents like, in my case as a Supply Sergeant, accountability documents and reports. We did not use our email system for personal use. As time went on we began to send personal communications to each other within our full-time staff. We had no real regulation or rules for emails at that time. Now there are rules in place that states that our emails are subject to review of content at any time, especially with those soldiers with security clearances.

For personal email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, and many others the flow of personal use is greater than we can imagine. So is the personal content, etc. We rely that personal information will always remain personal. In the case of Justin Ellsworth and his family wanting access to his Yahoo email account, why shouldn’t his family have access to it.

However, in an article I found online at it talks about email may feel like a private, one-to-one conversation safe from prying eyes, but email is about as confidential as whispering at the White House. Your messages can be intercepted and read anywhere in transit, or reconstructed and read off of backup devices, for a potentially infinite period of time. What all this amounts to is simple: Unless you take affirmative steps to encrypt your messages -- a process that uses sophisticated software to garble your words and then allow the recipient to unscramble and read them -- don't count on email as a confidential method of transmitting information.

As for Yahoo email privacy, this is what I found from a...