India Dry Ports/Icds/Cfs Sector (Version 1) Market Research Report 2016

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Ports and shipping industry plays a vital role in sustaining growth in Indias trade and commerce. India is the 16th largest maritime country in the world and it has got 12 major and 187 non-major ports. The report talks about the growth of container cargo traffic which has facilitated the development of CFS and ICD and have emerged as an important component of the EXIM value chain. Container volume is expected to be 2x by 2020.

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Though there has been a rise in cargo traffic, the number of dry ports/ICDs/CFS is inadequate. India has only 133 ICDs/CFS. The study also includes the Ports that lie in the South East Indian Sub-Continent and their traffic projections.The report provides information on top global and Indian ICDs/CFS including critical decision making parameters such as risk factors, regulatory approvals and SWOT analysis. 10% of the report is customisable as per customer requirements.

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Table Of Content

Executive Summary

Section 1 Market Research on Dry Ports/ICDs/CFS

Chapter 1 Secondary Research

1.1 Market Overview

1.2 Current Market Scenario

1.2.1 Top three Dry Ports/ICDs/CFS in Asia

1.2.2 Top three Dry Ports/ICDs/CFS in India

1.2.3 Comparison

1.3 Present Government of India policy on Dry Ports/ICDs/CFS

1.4 Potential investors - PE/JV/Financers

1.5 Risk Factors

1.6 List of regulatory approvals

1.7 SWOT analysis

1.8 Recommendations

Section 2 Ports in South East Indian Sub-Continent

Chapter 2 Secondary Research

2.1 Port of Colombo

2.2 Overview of Tamil Nadu Port

2.3 Traffic outlook in the context of Tamil Nadu Vision 2023

2.4 Dry Port and Logistics Hub at Sriperumbudur

2.5 Dry Port and Logistics Hub at Ariyalur/Perambalur

2.6 LNG Terminal at Colachel

2.7 Port of Chennai